Life happens. Be flexible. Keep your goals.

I realized that this blog is starting out as more of an accountability check and week-to-week plan of what I’m doing more than my ideas on things and philosophies. I’ve been working a lot on the roadmap series, and the majority of that is just philosophy. So I get enough of philosophy from writing in the roadmap that I don’t feel the need to do it here. Most of the things I would want to bring up are probably better suited for the roadmap. There are plenty of things that I could talk about here, such as:

  • How do I build a sciency R&D business when my background coming into this is mostly from a philosophical perspective?

However, I don’t have the answers to these things and I don’t really know what I would talk about besides just asking questions.

Week 3 Schedule

Here’s a table comparing the target goals of both the old and new schedules versus what actually happened last week:

Week 3 Schedule Week 2 Schedule Week 2 Times (rounded to nearest hour)
Lifetimes Infinity 70 hours 65 hours 26 hours
Sleeping 59 hours 60 hours 62 hours
Other 17.5 hours 21 hours 45 hours
Hobbies 20 hours 20 hours 30 hours
Exercising 1.5 hours 2 hours 4 hours

I had some things come up that I wanted to put time into, so I didn’t end up getting as much done as I had hoped. However, I did make some serious dents in the roadmap series, got some documents organized, and made a bunch of other small steps helping to move LI to where I want it to end up. I decided to bump my target work time down by 5 hours to give me more flexibility in other areas, but I don’t plan to move it down again, as 65 hours is completely attainable.

I ended up putting more time into hobbies (video games, movies, music, internet) than I wanted, but I had a lot of things on my mind in the last week, making it harder to concentrate on work. I also had a harder time finding uninterrupted chunks of time to get work done, so I would end up spending 30 minutes or an hour doing hobbies to fill those gaps trying to keep my creative process flowing.

I don’t know why I’ve been sleeping so much lately. I had a few 10 hour nights this last week. It might have been the increase in exercise or just the fact that I was all over the place mentally.

Books and Papers

I set up an area that we can use to organize and keep track of books related to mind uploading on Goodreads. I wanted to do the same thing for academic articles, so I set up a place for that on Mendeley. Once I start developing a curriculum, that’s when I’ll really make use of these two resources and really start to add and organize content. Until then I might try to add things as I read them but it’ll be slow going.


I finished up these sections in less time that I expected:

  • Part 2 – Immortality
  • Part 3 – Indefinite Life Strategies

Hopefully this trend will continue and I can get the whole roadmap series finished this month. I have decided that I want to finish the roadmap anyway, whether it goes into the next month  or even two. I feel that it is necessary to have something to show for Lifetimes Infinity. This roadmap series is also important in deciding the next steps for both LI and me to take.

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