Shiny New Website

I had come up with a new, slightly modified plan that involved redoing this website after the roadmap was finished. However, I got to thinking about what the new website would be like, came up with an idea, and realized that it wouldn’t be that much work to implement. It only took me 3 partial work days to complete, and now it much better represents Lifetimes Infinity (also, the website loads a lot faster than the previous one since it’s no longer bloated with plugins).

The old website was aimed at being a hub for indefinite life and mind uploading, a place with forums and where people could come together to work on projects. These were LI’s origins and original intentions. However, LI has been moving away from those efforts for a while. We’ve been shifting into just working on things ourselves, spending what little resources we have on doing our best to advance toward mind uploading (rather than spending our time trying to build a community around mind uploading). We figure that a community will eventually emerge by itself if we keep working toward our goals (whether we actively cultivate the community or not).

So now we’ve got this brand new website that only aims to tell people what we are, what we’re doing, and what our plans are. There was never really a community on this website, so we didn’t lose much by changing. Also, the community over on the Discord Chat has continued to grow, seeing regular conversations now.

Week 5 Schedule

Here’s a table comparing the target goals of both the old and new schedules versus what actually happened last week:

Week 4&5 Schedule Week 4 Times (rounded to nearest hour)
Lifetimes Infinity 70 hours 33 hours
Sleeping 62 hours 60 hours
Other 34 hours 71 hours
Exercising 2 hours 2 hours

I haven’t changed the schedule at all from week 4 to week 5. The target hours seem like good goals to work toward.


I’ve reached parts of the roadmap that are more exciting for me to work on, but still just as difficult. There’s a lot of research going on to make sure that…

  • I’m not leaving out anything important.
  • I’m not saying anything inaccurate.
  • I’m using the best terminology and making things concise.

It can be a very slow process, sometimes only writing a paragraph at a time in between 20 minute research sessions.

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