Call to arms

I almost forgot to do the blog post this week… just too many things going on, and I’ve been trying to spend the time I do have working on the roadmap series. I’ve been meaning to talk about the awesome team I want to build to take on the universe, but I’ll save that for a later time when I can really take the time to sit down and write out some ideas. However, in the interest of talking about more than just my hours in these blog posts, here’s an excerpt from the document I just finished.

Like all adventures, it was sought out for the sake of growth. It was found by pushing our limits up to the unknown, taking a breath, and taking those steps into the unknown. This is not an adventure sought out for the danger or the rush. In fact, it is more a lifestyle than an adventure. Actually, it could be thought of as the ultimate manifestation of life — self-aware beings consciously directing all their efforts on the perpetuation of life (survival). We do not know how far this adventure will reach or what subsequent adventures it may spawn, but how can you not call a survival story that has already spanned billions of years “the ultimate survival story”? We are at the end of a long chain of life that has managed to survive and become self-aware. We have the tools to take on the universe (both in the internal and external realities). Let us fight for life with everything we have, lest we reach our end and wish we had done more. Lifetimes Infinity will always hold survival as the highest priority, and we will do whatever we can to bring survivability to those who seek it.

We are all independent entities, but we are stronger when we work together. As humans, matter-of-fact ideologies (as are presented in these documents) allow us to think clearly, but garner less support, so may these few impassioned arguments that stand here help to unify our thirst for survival and allow us to become stronger that our individual selves.

Life throws all sorts of opportunities at us. We create our own paths or we end up letting our paths be created for us through exciting sideways adventures that don’t actually move us closer to where we want to be. Too often it is indecision and inaction (paired with a lack of focus) that leads people slowly away from their dreams as they become overwhelmed with the immensity of human life. We all become statistics in the end, yet we are also all statistics now. Once we are dead, our lives will amount to nothing in the eyes of ourselves. Some names will be remembered briefly, but even to others, we will all become nothing in the end (as they in turn become nothing). Hopefully through it all, life finds a way to persevere. Hopefully that is where we can play our part (the continuation and propagation of life, whether we as individuals and species are a part of that future or not).

We have come too far to let our minds succumb to the nothingness of death without putting up a fight. We are equipped with brains that sits atop billions of years of evolution. We are equipped with the mental and physical tools to shape our realities. We stand on the shoulders of all minds past and wonder, “how far we can go?” We wonder what we could be and what we could create. We should go do those things. Beyond that, we wonder about what we would do if the status quo were no object. We wonder what we would do if money were no object? We wonder what we would do if the reality we built up were no object. We should go do those things. We ask ourselves, “what is the hardest problem we could be work on?”, and “what is the most important problem we could be working on?” The answer?… surviving. We should go do that. What should we work on if we are wrong in our assumptions? Surviving… so that we have more time to figure things out and build better assumptions. What do we meta-want to be working on? Surviving. What is the only thing that matters to us? Surviving.

And so we must resign our personal sideways adventures, for ourselves and for the sake of aiding the survival of all life. We have an opportunity here, in this position we have brought ourselves to, and we will only fulfill the meaning we have assigned to our lives if we make the most of what we have. Everything we do as humans is about surviving and surviving better. But don’t forget that as beings with minds, survival is about both mental and physical fitness. Everything we do can be thought of in terms of this battle with entropy… this battle we all fight. This is what all life has in common; that is what all things have in common. We are anti-entropic beings running through a universe that wants to tear us apart at every step. This is what everything that exists has in common. We are all survivors.

This is the life philosophy we carry forward through Lifetimes Infinity. And this is a call to arms for any other beings who resonate with this philosophy. Come join us.

Week 5 Schedule

Here’s a table of the target schedule and the actual times of the last week

Target Schedule Week 5 Times (rounded to nearest hour)
Lifetimes Infinity 70 hours 18 hours
Sleeping 62 hours 53 hours
Other 34 hours 97 hours
Exercising 2 hours 1 hours

I’ve put in 172 hours so far this year (over the first 5 weeks), averaging out to 34 hours a week.

I only did 18 hours this last week. No excuses. I’ve got to step it up. I have to make this a priority. Even though working on the roadmap series can be very mentally draining and tedious at time, it’s something that needs to get done. Hopefully the next project will be more exciting, but if not, I still need to put as much effort into it as I can. I am definitely capable of more effort.


I finished up Part 1 – The Meaning of Life. With Parts 1-4 done, that give us 103 completed pages out of the 273 pages that exist right now. Out of the remaining, parts 0, 5, and 6, are more than halfway finished. Part 7 currently has the most content, although some of it is going to be removed from the final version. There’s are several philosophical concepts that need to be addressed in Part 5, and there are many technical aspects that need to be covered in Part 6, so those two sections could end up taking a while to finish up.


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