It’s hard following your dreams

With every step I take along this journey, I am courted with the thought of just admitting that this project is too hard for me, that it will take too long, that people won’t value what I have to offer, and that I would be better off pursing some other passion of mine in an effort to create a job for myself. But you know what? None of that is true. It may be hard, but it’s not impossible. It may take longer than my lifetime to complete what I have set out to achieve, but that doesn’t matter, it just makes the challenges more interesting and captivating. I’m not trying to with a popularity contest; I’m trying to help create the future of things. If people don’t value what I have to offer because they think differently, then I would challenge them to throw their criticism at my ideas so that I can make the ideas better. If people do not value what I have to offer because of my level of knowledge or experience, I would invite them to help me learn more so that I can construct better ideas in the future. There is nothing I would rather be working on that these projects for Lifetimes Infinity. It is the only work that truly makes me feel fulfilled in life. It is the only thing I will keep coming back to when I get lost in the sea of infinite opportunities that is life. I don’t know exactly where this journey will take me, or how far toward my goals I will progress, but I’m going to keep going. I’m bound to get somewhere eventually.

Week 10 Times

Target Schedule Week 10 Times (rounded to nearest hour)
Lifetimes Infinity 70 hours 34 hours
Sleeping 62 hours 57 hours
Other 34 hours 80 hours
Exercising 2 hours 0 hour

Finally got back into things after my funk. Many of the hours from this last week were spent researching by watching several videos, reading many articles, and reading two books. I didn’t get a ton of work done on the roadmap, but I did manage to reorganize one of the documents that had be giving me a lot of trouble. I split it into two documents and it will be much easier to handle now.

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