Life is awesome

Life is pretty amazing. There are so many opportunities out there. There are so many things to find, to discover, to invent. Life is only boring if you let it be. Life is what you make it, and it can be a lot of work, but all the work is worth it. You’ll be glad for every ounce of sweat you pour into your brief existence here. I am. I am so glad to have found my passion and to be pursuing it. It’s the hardest thing I’ve ever done… but that’s a good thing. I’m grateful for how it constantly pushes me in so many ways, for how engaging and interesting it all is.

Week 11 Times

Target Schedule Week 11 Times (rounded to nearest hour)
Lifetimes Infinity 50 hours  20 hours
Sleeping 60 hours  57 hours
Other 56 hours  94 hours
Exercising 2 hours <1 hour

I’ve been hitting under 60 hours of sleep a week for the last several weeks, so I brought the target down from 62 to 60.

I didn’t get a ton of work done this week, but I still definitely made some progress. I haven’t been able to hit my 70 hour target. I’ll still aim to do as much work as I can, but I’m lowing the target down to 50. That seems like an appropriate target given the nature of the work right now. I put the extra time into ‘Other’, because I had something come up that I wanted to continue to put time into. I might end up making a new category to differentiate between it and the rest of the ‘Other’ stuff.

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