Starting to look for a team

I’ve put off working on the Roadmap this last week in order to spend the time to outline LI’s technical agenda so that I can begin searching for the team members LI will need to build our first products. I don’t plan to post the technical agenda for a while (if at all). In the next week, I’ll start putting some team position listings on this website detailing what I’m looking for in building LI’s initial team. It will also provide as a space for people to formally apply for the positions. I’ll also make some posts around the web so that people who don’t frequent the website and aren’t in my communications circles know I’m looking to build the team. None of these job positions will be paid, considering LI has no funding at this point. However, I want to start looking for team members and start working toward building prototypes and products to finally get LI out of just researching toward mind uploading and into developing.

Week 16 – time put into LI: 10 hours

I didn’t get a lot of work in this week as I had some other things on my mind. I spent too much time playing Pokemon Red, reliving my childhood. However, it was enough time for me to make some important decisions regarding the near future of LI, so I’m happy with that.

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