This post is about putting more of my time into Lifetimes Infinity and maximizing the impact of that time.

I need to work on using my time better. I need to make sure I’m not spending time doing things that don’t move me closer to my goals. There are a lot of things that I would love to do (in life and with LI), but there’s just not enough time for it all. It’s easy to get distracted, so I try to find as many reasons as possible to stay focused, but more importantly, I continually try to improve my discipline.

Efficiency (maximizing my impact)

I need to make sure that the time I do spend working on LI is making the biggest impact possible.

This last week, I worked on the job descriptions and postings (like I had planned), but I didn’t finish them (and I don’t know how many different positions I want to search for at this point). In addition, I organized a lot of my thoughts and ideas so that as the LI team grows, I’ll be able to delegate projects/tasks to the new team members. Unofficially, the team has grown to 3 people as of this last week, and I need to make sure we’re organized (as we are all working remotely for the time being).

Before I get too much further into creating job descriptions and postings, I want to have a discussion with the team so that we are all on the same page as far as our goals as a team and our individual goals within the team. I also want to discuss the possible products we can work to build and figure out which one(s) we want to put our time/energy into right now. From there, we can figure out what additional roles on the team we need to fill first. Once we have outlined that, I will continue looking for people that fit.

I also spent some time adding a new supplementary document to the roadmap that holds all the ideas I’ve had for future studies and strategic planning. This is a domain that I don’t have the time to pursue at this point. However, at some distant future time, we will want to have a small team of people working on this domain to ensure our long term planning has a good foundation, allowing us to better match our shorter term plans to the longer term plans.

Lastly, I spent time doing market research for the potential product that I am most interested in building (microelectrode arrays). Out of the product ideas that we have, we need to figure out which ones are viable (in terms of us being able to design them, manufacturing them, and selling them).

Considering the goals of LI, if I am able to achieve mind uploading for myself, I wonder about what kind of impact I can make with my life and how I can best utilize my time. On longer and longer time frames, small amounts of time spend every day can add up. It makes me think about every little thing thing I do and how they will add up over my lifetime (whether I die as a human or as a digital being).

Week 17 – time put into LI: 34 hours

At my current pace for 2016, I’ve been averaging 3.0 hours per day. For reference, working 40 hours a week averages out to 5.7 hours a day. I often get distracted with looking into ways to support myself while working on LI, when I should really just be putting as much time into LI as I can and then make myself get a side job when I need one.

I decided to make a graph showing the amount of time I’ve put into LI. You can see how much having my part-time job from May 2014 to May 2015 affected the amount of time I put into LI.

LI hours - 2016-04-29

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