The team has begun

So the team is starting to come together from the few people that have been working with me and wanted to join. I’ll be focusing on finishing up the roadmap and publishing that so that I can use it to attract more team members and we can continue working toward building our first products with more manpower. So I won’t be working on the products ideas/design/market research/manufacturing (like I had been) myself until I get the roadmap finished and work a bit on the team position applications and work on finding some people.

Week 18 – time put into LI: 16 hours

I am terrible at getting distracted by opportunities. Since I’m not making money yet working at LI, I will often get the thought in my head that I should just make a bunch of money to support myself. Sometimes I start chasing that idea for the day and end up wasting my time. I know I need to not let myself get distracted in these ways, and I’m getting better, but it can still happen when I’m thinking about money and wondering about how nice it would be if I could just totally dedicate myself to LI. I imagine how much more I could accomplish if I didn’t have to worry about money at all. I imagine how much I could accomplish within LI. I imagine how much LI could accomplish if we could hire on team members and all of us could work full time on LI.


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