The Indefinite Life Handbook

I’ve been working to figure out what LI’s first product will be, and the product idea I’ve had in my head might be a little too ambitious while we’re just starting out. In order to build the MEA product I’m thinking about, we would need more experienced people with knowledge of MEA design and fabrication. In addition, one of the difficult things is going to be the cost of actually building a prototype. If the right circumstances align, I would like to have some kind of MEA be our first product, but if not, then we should be open to other opportunities and slowly work toward the MEA as we can. Maybe it would be better to start with something less challenging (just so that we can get on our feet and start working under LI on paying jobs). Another option would to be to get into the software side of things, where the costs of entry aren’t nearly as prohibitive. I’ll have to research more into building AI and the business opportunities that surround AI (as well as how all of that fits into the roadmap.

Week 20 – time put into LI: 22 hours

I haven’t put a whole lot of time into LI this last week (although it was more than last week), but the roadmap is still growing, and the business opportunities for LI are become more clear. The roadmap is 500 pages now with the additional documents I’ve included (as I’ve been organizing all of my written down ideas and thoughts to have online as the team grows). Since the roadmap has expanded to become more than just the roadmap for Lifetimes Infinity’s goals in pursuing mind uploading, I’ve decided to rename the whole series to “The Indefinite Life Handbook”.

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