Life is awesome

Life is pretty amazing. There are so many opportunities out there. There are so many things to find, to discover, to invent. Life is only boring if you let it be. Life is what you make it, and it can be a lot of work, but all the work is worth it. You’ll be glad for every ounce of sweat you pour into your brief existence here. I am. I am so glad to have found my passion and to be pursuing it. It’s the hardest thing I’ve ever done… but that’s a good thing. I’m grateful for how it constantly pushes me in so many ways, for how engaging and interesting it all is.

Week 11 Times

Target Schedule Week 11 Times (rounded to nearest hour)
Lifetimes Infinity 50 hours  20 hours
Sleeping 60 hours  57 hours
Other 56 hours  94 hours
Exercising 2 hours <1 hour

I’ve been hitting under 60 hours of sleep a week for the last several weeks, so I brought the target down from 62 to 60.

I didn’t get a ton of work done this week, but I still definitely made some progress. I haven’t been able to hit my 70 hour target. I’ll still aim to do as much work as I can, but I’m lowing the target down to 50. That seems like an appropriate target given the nature of the work right now. I put the extra time into ‘Other’, because I had something come up that I wanted to continue to put time into. I might end up making a new category to differentiate between it and the rest of the ‘Other’ stuff.

It’s hard following your dreams

With every step I take along this journey, I am courted with the thought of just admitting that this project is too hard for me, that it will take too long, that people won’t value what I have to offer, and that I would be better off pursing some other passion of mine in an effort to create a job for myself. But you know what? None of that is true. It may be hard, but it’s not impossible. It may take longer than my lifetime to complete what I have set out to achieve, but that doesn’t matter, it just makes the challenges more interesting and captivating. I’m not trying to with a popularity contest; I’m trying to help create the future of things. If people don’t value what I have to offer because they think differently, then I would challenge them to throw their criticism at my ideas so that I can make the ideas better. If people do not value what I have to offer because of my level of knowledge or experience, I would invite them to help me learn more so that I can construct better ideas in the future. There is nothing I would rather be working on that these projects for Lifetimes Infinity. It is the only work that truly makes me feel fulfilled in life. It is the only thing I will keep coming back to when I get lost in the sea of infinite opportunities that is life. I don’t know exactly where this journey will take me, or how far toward my goals I will progress, but I’m going to keep going. I’m bound to get somewhere eventually.

Week 10 Times

Target Schedule Week 10 Times (rounded to nearest hour)
Lifetimes Infinity 70 hours 34 hours
Sleeping 62 hours 57 hours
Other 34 hours 80 hours
Exercising 2 hours 0 hour

Finally got back into things after my funk. Many of the hours from this last week were spent researching by watching several videos, reading many articles, and reading two books. I didn’t get a ton of work done on the roadmap, but I did manage to reorganize one of the documents that had be giving me a lot of trouble. I split it into two documents and it will be much easier to handle now.

Direct versus indirect funding

Week 9 Times

Target Schedule Week 9 Times (rounded to nearest hour)
Lifetimes Infinity 70 hours  16 hours
Sleeping 62 hours  56 hours
Other 34 hours  125 hours
Exercising 2 hours 0 hours

I’m starting to get back into things. Feeling motivated. Feeling mentally fit to take on the projects.


I’ve made some significant progress on the Personal Identity section of Part 5. Mind Uploading Procedures. I had been stuck for a while and couldn’t quite figure out what I needed to do.


Getting a product developed for LI is a big goal, although we don’t yet have a development time frame. I’ve been looking heavily into multielectrode arrays (MEAs) as a place to start. The products we develop need to move us toward mind uploading, not just provide indiscriminate funding for R&D. In part 7 of the roadmap (which isn’t finished yet), one of the big topics I address is indirect vs direct funding.

“And then there is the most dangerous risk of all — the risk of spending your life not doing what you want on the bet you can buy yourself the freedom to do it later.”
Randy Komisar, The Monk and the Riddle: The Education of a Silicon Valley Entrepreneur

There are many easy projects/products we could be working on to just try to just get LI into the game, but that’s not what we want to do. The thing is, if we spend time working directly toward mind uploading (whether or not we’re making money at any given time), then at least we are making progress. The same could not be said for indirect ventures that only aim to provide us the money to buy ourselves the freedom to work on the projects we really want to be working on. I’ve had countless people (with good intentions) suggest that we should start working on whatever we can as soon as possible. I think the most common suggestion I get is to develop EEG hardware/software. While EEGs allow us to interact with the brain in certain ways, they are limited, and aren’t really going to help much in working directly toward mind uploading.

Most of the products that move us directly toward mind uploading are going to require lots of knowledge, lots of money, and/or a larger team. At LI’s current stage, we want to identify direct technologies that we are capable of taking on. And in the event that we don’t succeed with a given technology, we would still like the time spent and the ideas developed at any given point to still have significant value to projects me might take on in the future.

We can only go up from here

I did even less work that last week, so I don’t really have much to talk about again. I guess moving forward at a very slow pace is better than not doing anything at all. It’s just frustrating knowing I could have put in more time and didn’t. Although this last week I was sick with something that made my head really foggy and I had to take several days off this last week. I tried working, but I just couldn’t focus enough to get anything done on the roadmap.

Week 8 Times

Target Schedule Week 8 Times (rounded to nearest hour)
Lifetimes Infinity 70 hours  9 hours
Sleeping 62 hours  57 hours
Other 34 hours  123 hours
Exercising 2 hours  2 hours


I didn’t do a lot this last week in terms of work for Liftimes Infinity, so this post is going to be short.

I started a wiki for us at that I want to slowly start filling with information for people interested in learning about mind uploading and indefinite life.

Week 7 Times

Target Schedule Week 7 Times (rounded to nearest hour)
Lifetimes Infinity 70 hours  12 hours
Sleeping 62 hours  59 hours
Other 34 hours  98 hours
Exercising 2 hours  0 hours

I tweaked my back and wasn’t able to get any exercise in this week. I did spend 27 hours playing video games, but there are a lot of hours I spent on other things that I easily could have spent working. I just wasn’t motivated enough or disciplined enough to overcome some of the challenges I’ve faces these last few weeks.

When I’m constantly finding ways to distract myself despite wanting to spend time working then there must be some issue I need to deal with. I’m not quite sure where the disconnect is between what I want to do and what I actually do is. I took a few days off to do nothing just to clear my mind, trying to realign my mental state with my short and long term goals. Sometimes I get too deep into something and you forget why was there at all. Lately I had lost sight of what I was doing. Because of that, I haven’t been putting as much work in and was getting frustrated with myself for that.

Maybe I’m just getting tired and worn out. It’s difficult working on something for so long without a team. I’m trying to bring about this reality that only exists in my head, but I get so far lost inside of it that it gets difficult to relate to most people and it’s even harder to find anyone that can relate to me.

The Extra One Percent

It’s cliche but true: every journey is completed one step at a time. Working on anything (whether it’s a job, skill, hobby, project, etc.) is something we consciously put our effort into. In the interest of making the most of our lives, I present this chart.


Total Hours Worked In A Year
(Hours Worked In A Day vs. Days Worked In A Year)
365 340 315 290 265 240 215 190 165 140 115 90 65 40 15
24 8760 8160 7560 6960 6360 5760 5160 4560 3960 3360 2760 2160 1560 960 360
22 8030 7480 6930 6380 5830 5280 4730 4180 3630 3080 2530 1980 1430 880 330
20 7300 6800 6300 5800 5300 4800 4300 3800 3300 2800 2300 1800 1300 800 300
18 6570 6120 5670 5220 4770 4320 3870 3420 2970 2520 2070 1620 1170 720 270
16 5840 5440 5040 4640 4240 3840 3440 3040 2640 2240 1840 1440 1040 640 240
14 5110 4760 4410 4060 3710 3360 3010 2660 2310 1960 1610 1260 910 560 210
12 4380 4080 3780 3480 3180 2880 2580 2280 1980 1680 1380 1080 780 480 180
10 3650 3400 3150 2900 2650 2400 2150 1900 1650 1400 1150 900 650 400 150
8 2920 2720 2520 2320 2120 1920 1720 1520 1320 1120 920 720 520 320 120
6 2190 2040 1890 1740 1590 1440 1290 1140 990 840 690 540 390 240 90
4 1460 1360 1260 1160 1060 960 860 760 660 560 460 360 260 160 60
2 730 680 630 580 530 480 430 380 330 280 230 180 130 80 30

Considering that humans need time to sleep, eat, and go about other things in their daily lives, the red, pink, and purple zones in the table above aren’t really in the realm of possibility. When we consider things like burning out and how productivity and learning ability decrease over longer spans of working, the red, pink, and purple zones seem to securely fall into the realm of impossible. Now, if you work 13.7 hours a day, 365 days a year, you can achieve 5000 hours in one year. That seems to be the upper bound of what is possible. I’m not saying everyone should work as much as possible, just that if you have a goal you want to achieve, imagine how much more you could get done over the course of a year or the course of your lifetimes if you even put in 1% more time.

Let’s assume an average life expectancy of about 70 years. Think about that. You have around 70 years to get done all the things you want to get done. Although, the first many years of human life are spent merely learning how to function in this world (so it’s closer actually to 50 years that you have to get things done). If we convert 70 years to months, we get 840 moths. I don’t know why, but that just doesn’t seem like a lot to me. If we convert it to days, we get around 26,000 days. Finally, if we convert it into hours, we get about 600,000 hours in a lifetime. Let’s assume you’re awake for 16 hours each day. That leaves you with around 400,000 hours to get things done in your life.

Considering this, each extra 1% of your waking time that you spend working gives you an extra 4000 hours (over the course of your life). Imagine how much you could get done with 4000 hours. I think that if a person has a goal, they should put as much effort toward it as possible. Over the course of the year, each extra 1% (of your waking time) gives you an extra 66 hours. If you put in even 5%, 10% or 15% more time, the numbers quickly add up.

Think about what you want to do in you life. Think about how much more you could get done toward that goal if you worked just a little bit harder.

Sidetracked Adventures

I was looking into possibly joining another startup (although I haven’t really looked into any), just because it’d be nice to maybe get more experience and have some income, but mostly because it’s frustrating to not be working on any products or doing any experiments right now. Also, I’m by myself, so it makes it that much more difficult. However, I keep reminding myself that I’ve got to go straight toward mind uploading or I might never get around to it. This is my goal. I’ve got to put as much effort toward it as I can.

Week 6 Times

Target Schedule Week 6 Times (rounded to nearest hour)
Lifetimes Infinity 70 hours 26 hours
Sleeping 62 hours 55 hours
Other 34 hours 84 hours
Exercising 2 hours 3 hours

I don’t really have any comments on the times from last week. Even when my brain is foggy and I can’t work on my main projects, I should be finding ways to work toward my goals.

Call to arms

I almost forgot to do the blog post this week… just too many things going on, and I’ve been trying to spend the time I do have working on the roadmap series. I’ve been meaning to talk about the awesome team I want to build to take on the universe, but I’ll save that for a later time when I can really take the time to sit down and write out some ideas. However, in the interest of talking about more than just my hours in these blog posts, here’s an excerpt from the document I just finished.

Like all adventures, it was sought out for the sake of growth. It was found by pushing our limits up to the unknown, taking a breath, and taking those steps into the unknown. This is not an adventure sought out for the danger or the rush. In fact, it is more a lifestyle than an adventure. Actually, it could be thought of as the ultimate manifestation of life — self-aware beings consciously directing all their efforts on the perpetuation of life (survival). We do not know how far this adventure will reach or what subsequent adventures it may spawn, but how can you not call a survival story that has already spanned billions of years “the ultimate survival story”? We are at the end of a long chain of life that has managed to survive and become self-aware. We have the tools to take on the universe (both in the internal and external realities). Let us fight for life with everything we have, lest we reach our end and wish we had done more. Lifetimes Infinity will always hold survival as the highest priority, and we will do whatever we can to bring survivability to those who seek it.

We are all independent entities, but we are stronger when we work together. As humans, matter-of-fact ideologies (as are presented in these documents) allow us to think clearly, but garner less support, so may these few impassioned arguments that stand here help to unify our thirst for survival and allow us to become stronger that our individual selves.

Life throws all sorts of opportunities at us. We create our own paths or we end up letting our paths be created for us through exciting sideways adventures that don’t actually move us closer to where we want to be. Too often it is indecision and inaction (paired with a lack of focus) that leads people slowly away from their dreams as they become overwhelmed with the immensity of human life. We all become statistics in the end, yet we are also all statistics now. Once we are dead, our lives will amount to nothing in the eyes of ourselves. Some names will be remembered briefly, but even to others, we will all become nothing in the end (as they in turn become nothing). Hopefully through it all, life finds a way to persevere. Hopefully that is where we can play our part (the continuation and propagation of life, whether we as individuals and species are a part of that future or not).

We have come too far to let our minds succumb to the nothingness of death without putting up a fight. We are equipped with brains that sits atop billions of years of evolution. We are equipped with the mental and physical tools to shape our realities. We stand on the shoulders of all minds past and wonder, “how far we can go?” We wonder what we could be and what we could create. We should go do those things. Beyond that, we wonder about what we would do if the status quo were no object. We wonder what we would do if money were no object? We wonder what we would do if the reality we built up were no object. We should go do those things. We ask ourselves, “what is the hardest problem we could be work on?”, and “what is the most important problem we could be working on?” The answer?… surviving. We should go do that. What should we work on if we are wrong in our assumptions? Surviving… so that we have more time to figure things out and build better assumptions. What do we meta-want to be working on? Surviving. What is the only thing that matters to us? Surviving.

And so we must resign our personal sideways adventures, for ourselves and for the sake of aiding the survival of all life. We have an opportunity here, in this position we have brought ourselves to, and we will only fulfill the meaning we have assigned to our lives if we make the most of what we have. Everything we do as humans is about surviving and surviving better. But don’t forget that as beings with minds, survival is about both mental and physical fitness. Everything we do can be thought of in terms of this battle with entropy… this battle we all fight. This is what all life has in common; that is what all things have in common. We are anti-entropic beings running through a universe that wants to tear us apart at every step. This is what everything that exists has in common. We are all survivors.

This is the life philosophy we carry forward through Lifetimes Infinity. And this is a call to arms for any other beings who resonate with this philosophy. Come join us.

Week 5 Schedule

Here’s a table of the target schedule and the actual times of the last week

Target Schedule Week 5 Times (rounded to nearest hour)
Lifetimes Infinity 70 hours 18 hours
Sleeping 62 hours 53 hours
Other 34 hours 97 hours
Exercising 2 hours 1 hours

I’ve put in 172 hours so far this year (over the first 5 weeks), averaging out to 34 hours a week.

I only did 18 hours this last week. No excuses. I’ve got to step it up. I have to make this a priority. Even though working on the roadmap series can be very mentally draining and tedious at time, it’s something that needs to get done. Hopefully the next project will be more exciting, but if not, I still need to put as much effort into it as I can. I am definitely capable of more effort.


I finished up Part 1 – The Meaning of Life. With Parts 1-4 done, that give us 103 completed pages out of the 273 pages that exist right now. Out of the remaining, parts 0, 5, and 6, are more than halfway finished. Part 7 currently has the most content, although some of it is going to be removed from the final version. There’s are several philosophical concepts that need to be addressed in Part 5, and there are many technical aspects that need to be covered in Part 6, so those two sections could end up taking a while to finish up.


Shiny New Website

I had come up with a new, slightly modified plan that involved redoing this website after the roadmap was finished. However, I got to thinking about what the new website would be like, came up with an idea, and realized that it wouldn’t be that much work to implement. It only took me 3 partial work days to complete, and now it much better represents Lifetimes Infinity (also, the website loads a lot faster than the previous one since it’s no longer bloated with plugins).

The old website was aimed at being a hub for indefinite life and mind uploading, a place with forums and where people could come together to work on projects. These were LI’s origins and original intentions. However, LI has been moving away from those efforts for a while. We’ve been shifting into just working on things ourselves, spending what little resources we have on doing our best to advance toward mind uploading (rather than spending our time trying to build a community around mind uploading). We figure that a community will eventually emerge by itself if we keep working toward our goals (whether we actively cultivate the community or not).

So now we’ve got this brand new website that only aims to tell people what we are, what we’re doing, and what our plans are. There was never really a community on this website, so we didn’t lose much by changing. Also, the community over on the Discord Chat has continued to grow, seeing regular conversations now.

Week 5 Schedule

Here’s a table comparing the target goals of both the old and new schedules versus what actually happened last week:

Week 4&5 Schedule Week 4 Times (rounded to nearest hour)
Lifetimes Infinity 70 hours 33 hours
Sleeping 62 hours 60 hours
Other 34 hours 71 hours
Exercising 2 hours 2 hours

I haven’t changed the schedule at all from week 4 to week 5. The target hours seem like good goals to work toward.


I’ve reached parts of the roadmap that are more exciting for me to work on, but still just as difficult. There’s a lot of research going on to make sure that…

  • I’m not leaving out anything important.
  • I’m not saying anything inaccurate.
  • I’m using the best terminology and making things concise.

It can be a very slow process, sometimes only writing a paragraph at a time in between 20 minute research sessions.

Crazy for survival

I can’t believe I’ve listened to this song over 500 times in the last week.

For the longest time I’ve been fascinated with survival… wilderness survival, space survival, extreme environment survival, everyday survival (day-to-day, week-to-week, year-to-year), collective survival, individual survival, survival psychology, survival philosophy, survival stories, survivor mentality, survival teams, everything survival. Although it took me a while to figure out, it seems inevitable that I would end up where I am now. 2.5 years ago, I finally pieced together what I wanted to do with all of this, and that started the beginning of my journey into indefinite life and mind uploading.

I’ve spent more than 1500 hours over the last 2.5 years thinking, learning, and working on indefinite life. The more I get into it, the more detached I feel from the goings on of most of society. I don’t have time to explain it all here, but I’m referring to all the people that concern themselves with the many things that seem so detached from survival in terms of mental and physical fitness. I feel like I’m just in my own reality off to the side, working toward this image of the future I have for myself and for humanity. How else are we going to push the boundaries of humanity than by being a little crazy and out of touch with the status quo? Send me a message through the contact page if you feel equally diverged from the status quo and are immensely passionate about survival, indefinite life, and mind uploading; I’d love to hear from the others out there that are inclined to impact the world with their visions.

Maybe I’ll talk more in future blog posts about the ultimate team that I want to create. Do you want to be a part of an awesome team? Do you want to help me build one? Let’s take on the universe.

Week 4 Schedule

Here’s a table comparing the target goals of both the old and new schedules versus what actually happened last week:

Week 4 Schedule Week 3 Schedule Week 3 Times (rounded to nearest hour)
Lifetimes Infinity 70 hours 70 hours 43 hours
Sleeping 62 hours 59 hours 62 hours
Other 34 hours 21 hours 24 hours
Hobbies 20 hours 40 hours
Exercising 2 hours 2 hours 1 hour

For this next week’s schedule, I decided to re-categorize my times into 4 categories, adding ‘Hobbies’ to the ‘Other’ category. That will allow me to better stick to the schedule by affording more flexibility.

Keep in mind that I started my work week for this year on a Friday. On Monday of this last week, I decided to try doing nothing but working. I tried to focus as much of my effort on the roadmap series as possible. When my brain felt fried, I would read some academic papers or find some other lower priority tasks to work on for a little while, going back to working on the roadmap when I could. I deleted all the video games off my computer and made a mental not not to spend any time aimlessly wandering the internet. It was successful for two days, but I don’t think it was sustainable. Wednesday night I caved in, downloaded Steam, and reinstalled Brawlhalla. My brain was just too fried and I needed something else to do. After playing for an hour, I felt revitalized and ready to work on the roadmap again. So I’m going to keep Brawlhalla installed, but will do my best to limit video gaming to when I really need that kind of mental stimulation and creative outlet.

One of the things that’s been holding me back from putting more hours in is the subject matter. The roadmap series is something I need to do, but the majority of the work is dull for me. There are times when I get to be mentally stimulated or creative while working on the roadmap, but it’s not that often. I’ve considered starting a side project for LI (something that’s more exciting and mentally stimulating to work on). However, I know that once I start, it could easily consume my time and I might not get around to finishing the roadmap in a timely manner. Also I need to identify exactly what the next project for LI will be (which is the main purpose of finishing the roadmap series), rather than just picking something fun to work on. I don’t want to waste time on something that ultimately isn’t going to get us closer to where we want to go.

Books and Papers

I’ve been reading a lot of Randal Koene’s Publications lately. They’ve provided nice breaks from working on the roadmap, and they also have a lot of good insights that I’ve carried over into the roadmap series. Randal has spent a lot of time in these areas, and he has also put a lot of effort into advocating for mind uploading, substrate-independent minds, and whole brain emulation. If you’re interested in getting into these areas, searching for his videos and publications is a great place to start.


I finished Part 4 – Indefinite Lifespan Methods of the roadmap series this week. There were some interesting topics covered in Part 4 that I would like to eventually revisit and elaborate on. However, at this time, these such projects don’t have any priority (maybe I’ll just talk about them in future blog posts).

I’m interested in writing more about the design of avatar bodies for digital beings and possibly even actually designing some avatars myself.

I’d like to eventually write more about future societies with digital beings (what they could be like and how we might build them).

Life happens. Be flexible. Keep your goals.

I realized that this blog is starting out as more of an accountability check and week-to-week plan of what I’m doing more than my ideas on things and philosophies. I’ve been working a lot on the roadmap series, and the majority of that is just philosophy. So I get enough of philosophy from writing in the roadmap that I don’t feel the need to do it here. Most of the things I would want to bring up are probably better suited for the roadmap. There are plenty of things that I could talk about here, such as:

  • How do I build a sciency R&D business when my background coming into this is mostly from a philosophical perspective?

However, I don’t have the answers to these things and I don’t really know what I would talk about besides just asking questions.

Week 3 Schedule

Here’s a table comparing the target goals of both the old and new schedules versus what actually happened last week:

Week 3 Schedule Week 2 Schedule Week 2 Times (rounded to nearest hour)
Lifetimes Infinity 70 hours 65 hours 26 hours
Sleeping 59 hours 60 hours 62 hours
Other 17.5 hours 21 hours 45 hours
Hobbies 20 hours 20 hours 30 hours
Exercising 1.5 hours 2 hours 4 hours

I had some things come up that I wanted to put time into, so I didn’t end up getting as much done as I had hoped. However, I did make some serious dents in the roadmap series, got some documents organized, and made a bunch of other small steps helping to move LI to where I want it to end up. I decided to bump my target work time down by 5 hours to give me more flexibility in other areas, but I don’t plan to move it down again, as 65 hours is completely attainable.

I ended up putting more time into hobbies (video games, movies, music, internet) than I wanted, but I had a lot of things on my mind in the last week, making it harder to concentrate on work. I also had a harder time finding uninterrupted chunks of time to get work done, so I would end up spending 30 minutes or an hour doing hobbies to fill those gaps trying to keep my creative process flowing.

I don’t know why I’ve been sleeping so much lately. I had a few 10 hour nights this last week. It might have been the increase in exercise or just the fact that I was all over the place mentally.

Books and Papers

I set up an area that we can use to organize and keep track of books related to mind uploading on Goodreads. I wanted to do the same thing for academic articles, so I set up a place for that on Mendeley. Once I start developing a curriculum, that’s when I’ll really make use of these two resources and really start to add and organize content. Until then I might try to add things as I read them but it’ll be slow going.


I finished up these sections in less time that I expected:

  • Part 2 – Immortality
  • Part 3 – Indefinite Life Strategies

Hopefully this trend will continue and I can get the whole roadmap series finished this month. I have decided that I want to finish the roadmap anyway, whether it goes into the next month  or even two. I feel that it is necessary to have something to show for Lifetimes Infinity. This roadmap series is also important in deciding the next steps for both LI and me to take.