Time is our most valuable resource

Week 2 Schedule

Here’s a table comparing the target goals of both the old and new schedules versus what actually happened last week:

Old Schedule Reality (rounded to nearest hour) New Schedule
Lifetimes Infinity 85 hours 51 hours  70 hours
Sleeping 56 hours 59 hours  59 hours
Other 21 hours 23 hours  17.5 hours
Video Games, Movies, Internet 4 hours 35 hours  20 hours
Exercising 2 hours 1 hour  1.5 hour

I think I’ll provide a table of the previous week’s hours hours in each post from now on.

I realized I needed to budget more time for sleep in my schedule. Last week I spent 59 hours “Sleeping” (it takes time to fall asleep, and I only start the timer when I get into bed). My target was 56 hours, so I was close, but I’m going to adjust my target to be 59 hours this week (an average of 8.4 hours a night).

The biggest schedule offender was the “Video Games, Movies, and Internet” category. Here’s the breakdown for that:

  • Video Games – 12.8 hours
  • Movies – 2.3 hours
  • Internet – 19.5 hours

I’ve budgeted more time for this category in the new schedule, but I’m still going to pay attention to my internet use to cut back on the time I spend mindlessly surfing the web… cough Reddit cough. I use video games as a creative outlet (which is something I don’t really get a lot of working on Lifetimes Infinity stuff), so I’m definitely going to keep that in the schedule. Although, I might lower the number of hours for this category depending on how things go.

With a target of 85 hours, I manged to work 51 hours on Lifetimes Infinity. I am definitely satisfied with that amount, as I was only putting in around 20 hours before I implemented the schedule. However, I determined that I should set my target goal at 70 hours, mostly because I don’t want to burn myself out trying to hit 85 hours before I’m ready. I’ve also set a lower bound for myself at 50 hours (I’ll be happy as long as I’m putting in over 50 hours each week). If I’m working each day, hitting 70 hours would mean working 10 hours a day, but I won’t always be able to work every single day, and I won’t always be able to work full 10 hour days on the days I can work. So that is why I’m setting the lower bound at 50 (10 hours 5 days a week). It’s a much more sustainable pace in the long run too, and lets me handle the unpredictability of life better. Even at 50 hours a week, I will put in 2600 hours in 2016 (which is just about twice as much as all the time I put in in the previous 2.5 years).

For the other section (eating, chores, hanging out with family and friends, …), I’m going to try to do things more efficiently and bring it down to 17.5 hours. I might have to bump this one back up in future schedules.

I’ve also decided to bring down exercising to 1.5 hours a week (30 minutes 3 times a week).

New Plan

It’s taken me a while to figure out exactly how I want to go about building Lifetimes Infinity into a business. It’s hard to attract people to join your project when there isn’t any money yet and you haven’t developed any technologies yet. On the other hand, it’s difficult to build these technologies without a team. So I decided I need to finish the roadmap to not only lay out more of the technological plan for myself, but also to help attract more people to this website/community (some of whom will hopefully be interested in joining the team). However, I cannot count on a team to build the first technologies for Lifetimes Infinity, so I must work on those myself, and as the team grows, I can slowly let the R&D team take those responsibilities over.

  1. Entirely finish the roadmap by February 1st. If I haven’t finished the roadmap by then, I will put it on pause and move on to step 2.
  2. Education, R&D, building team: Educate myself and work on R&D while building a team to take over the R&D. As the team grows, I will migrate more and more toward a visionary, managerial, and leader role.


I decided it would be best to split the roadmap up into separate documents that each cover one topic (the whole thing is now being called the ‘roadmap series’. With this modular system, they each can more clearly state their goals, more clearly draw their own conclusions, be expanded upon easily, and be easily swapped out should new knowledge point toward a different path. Most of all, it keeps everything organized, makes things much easier to keep track of, and makes the whole series much easier to work on.

I have created this master document that links to all of the parts of the roadmap series and allows people to check out the documents as well as comment and contribute to them. In addition to the content that was already in the roadmap and simply got split into multiple documents, there are a few new topics. Part 0 – Roadmap Introduction provides an overview of the entire roadmap series and outlines the structure of the documents. Part 1 – The Meaning of Life is a completely new addition that provides the reasoning behind choosing to pursue immortality in the first place (among other things).

Hello 2016

Let me start by giving a brief overview of how I’ve spent the previous years. Then I’ll explain what I hope to accomplish this year.


349 hours

Mid 2013.06.24 marks the start of my journey into all of this. Many things contributed to getting me to that point, but even if the circumstances were different, this is eventually where I was going to end up. It was just a matter of how long it was going to take me to find it. All of my interests and philosophies were pushing me toward indefinite life. 2013.06.24 was just the point where I realized it for myself.

I spent a few months looking for online communities based around indefinite life and/or mind uploading, but I could not find what I was looking for. In October of 2013, I created a the subreddit /r/Digital_Immortality as a place to build the community I was looking for. Through many discussions in the subreddit I concluded that the best way to pursue mind uploading would be to create a business.


484 hours

In early 2014, I created the organization Lifetimes Infinity (LI) to be the entity I can build a team around and eventually grow into a business. I had a job the majority of 2014, so I wasn’t able to put as much time into LI as I had hoped. 2014 saw some major improvements in the website, going from essentially a wireframe to an implementation of Joomla with additional content about project and philosophies of the organization.


555 hours

I didn’t have a job for most of 2015, but was busy with other things. I tried to put in as much time as I could, but I hit some roadblocks in my thinking and in my projects. It took me a while to piece together solutions for the problems I had been facing. Ultimately, all of these solutions started coming together to form the technological roadmap and business roadmap projects still in development (and near completion).

2015 again saw major improvements to the website, switching from Joomla to WordPress. I also created a Discord chat server to better interact with the community, as I hadn’t been spending any time on /r/Digital_Immortality. Most of the conversations I was having were taking place on our Slack team chat, but adding new people to Slack chat is a hassle, so that’s why I started the Discord server.


Total: 1388 hours. These hours include all the work I have put in to LI up until 2016, whether that was building websites, researching, educating myself, or working on other projects.

As long as LI continues to move forward, I am happy. I am building this organization carry forward the philosophies of indefinite life and to take on the challenges we facing in pursing indefinite life. I don’t know how long I will be around or how long this organization will be around, but I want to help give myself and humanity the best possible chance at surviving indefinitely.


I’m going to buckle down to see how much work I can get done for LI this year. My goals is to put in 4000 hours in 2016 to better reflect how important indefinite life is to me. I don’t know yet all of what I hope to accomplish in the next 4000 hours of combined working and learning, but I have listed the current and future projects I am sure of at the bottom of this section.

I’m aiming for 8 hours of sleep a day, 85 hours of LI each week, 30 minutes of exercise 4 times a week, 4 hours of video games a week, and 3 hours of other things each day (eating and whatnot)
I know that I won’t be hitting 85 hours consistently (sometimes I hang out with friends and family for an entire weekend), but I’d rather have higher goals and miss them that have lower goals and feel like I should have been working more. Here’s the breakdown:

  • 85 hours – Lifetimes Infinity
  • 56 hours – Sleeping
  • 21 hours – Other (eating, chores, etc.)
  • 4 hours – Video Games (as of writing this, my current video game of choice is Brawlhalla)
  • 2 hours – Exercising

In addition to my time tracking application for keeping track of long term progress, I’ll be using TenTimer as a countdown timer to help me reach my weekly target goals. I’ll input all my target times at the beginning of each week for each of the above tasks (minus sleeping), and as I work on the task, it will take away time from each until they reach zero, at which point I will have hit my goal/limit.

Current projects
  • Mind uploading technological roadmap
  • Mind uploading business roadmap
Future projects
  • Complete introduction to mind uploading
  • Mind uploading curriculum
  • Building a product and creating a business