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Lifetimes Infinity is still in its earliest stages of development and we currently don’t have consistent funding. As such, we don’t have any paid job openings. If you share our interests and want to get involved, send us a message through the contact page.

The Lifetimes Infinity Team

Josh Penn-Pierson – Founder
A software engineer with a passion for indefinite life. Developing NeuraNex and writing the Indefinite Life Handbook.

James Browning – Artificial Intelligence Developer
A computer science student at the University of Alabama at Birmingham, interested in brain-computer interfaces and artificial neural networks. Developing NeuraNex.

Saeyoung Macx Kim
Electrical engineering graduate student at Korea University, Seoul. Research focus is on building open source tools and systems for biotechnological applications. Outside of school studies I enjoy exploring virtual worlds, programming, embedded systems, 3D modeling, and thinking about exploring our solar system and colonizing Mars.