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Lifetimes Infinity is still in it’s earliest stages of development, and we don’t currently have consistent funding. As such, we don’t have any paid job openings. However, there are positions available on the LI research team, which concerns nano-to-micro scale brain-computer interfaces, neuromorphic engineering, neuroprosthetics, and artificial intelligence.

Open Positions:

The Lifetimes Infinity Team

Josh Penn-Pierson – Founder

Doing whatever it takes to make death a choice for those who would choose life. From Portland, Oregon. Temporarily in New Zealand.

AI Team


James Browning

A biomedical engineering student at the University of Alabama at Birmingham, interested in brain-computer interfaces and artificial neural networks. Currently planning the development of a neural network-creation tool conceptualized by Josh.

BCI Team

Saeyoung Macx Kim

Mechanical engineering undergraduate student at Konkuk University in Seoul, South Korea. Interested in the applications of nanotechnology, molecular manufacturing, and mechanosynthesis for fabricating nano-to-micro-scale brain-computer interfaces.