Neo Navigator

Create and explore artificial neural networks.

Neo Navigator is Lifetimes Infinity’s first product in a series of research and development projects that will slowly build toward a solution for mind uploading.

Neo Navigator is a visual tool for aiding the creation, development, and management of artificial neural networks. In addition, it facilitates a wide range of options for customized interfacing between two or more neural networks (biological and/or artificial).

The visualization tools within Neo Navigator provide an easy and intuitive drag-and-drop interfaces for building network structures of all sizes.

  • Modules. Build Modules out of individual neurons/nodes and/or other modules. Combine Modules together to create larger structures. Imagine a logic circuit simulator in which you string logic gates together to form larger modules, then build even larger modules by stringing smaller modules together.
  • Node Classes. Apply your own logic/parameters that determines how neurons/nodes interact with one another. Node Classes are individually programmable: design as you go, update existing Classes, and implement new Classes as you see fit. Changing the logic/parameters for a node Class automatically updates all nodes that inherit from that Class across all Modules in your entire Network.
  • Network. Each project you create consists of an area called the Network. The Network consists of every neuron/node and module in the whole project area.
  • Network Interfacing. You can interact multiple Network projects or inputs with one another. You can provide a set of sample data within the program to interact the network with sample inputs. You can connect the network to many kinds of inputs and outputs outside of the software (including inputs from and outputs to biological networks).
  • Simulations. Run Simulations of Networks with or without the visualizer (faster without visualizer). Simulations include recording features (using save states and timestamps) and custom options for randomly generated input data (using seeds to reliably reproduce the data).
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The road to mind uploading.

Let’s explain how Lifetimes Infinity plans to use this software to develop toward mind uploading.

Imagine trying to build a video game map without a level editor. Now imagine trying to build a brain, neuron by neuron without some way to abstract to different information levels. With Neo Navigator, networks of all sizes can be built modularly and strung together. Over time we will build small pieces and put them together to build bigger pieces that perform larger functions, taking inspiration from the brain (there’s a lot of repetition in biology; it’s all just arranged in the right way). We’ll construct an artificial mind framework that allows us to create neuroprosthetics and exocortex modules (cognitive enhancements). Our aim is to have Neo Navigator provide an easier path to building a human-like AI.

Once the software is complete, we will license it to researchers and companies that develop and use neural networks. In addition, we intend for this software to provide an good introduction point to neural networks for educators and independent learners. Despite the software being accessible to all, it will still be fully capable.