Three years of brainstorming

I’ve been having a hard time figuring out what projects to put time into during this period where we’re brainstorming about product ideas and trying to narrow our focus. I decided to gather together all of the product and funding ideas I’ve had from the last 3 years into one document and do an analysis of the ideas to decide which options hold the best opportunities for moving LI in the direction that we want. Compiling all of these ideas has turned into a 70+ page document (and that doesn’t include any of the analysis). I don’t want to spend too much time analyzing all of these options. It would be better to just pick anything at all than to wait another 3 years analyzing our options. The downside is that if we spend time doing things that don’t provide us with opportunities and/or resources (money, funding, team members, etc.), then it might just be better to carry on working toward mind uploading as a side project. At least then we would stay on the right track. So yeah, I need to thoroughly write down all of LI’s funding/product options that we have brainstormed over the years and analyze them all to decide which ones are worth our time.

We definitely have plenty of ideas, we just need to decide what things we are willing to compromise and what things we are unwilling to compromise in working toward mind uploading.

It’s been really nice having so much time to brainstorm. I came into this all with the end goal in mind, not a starting product. The vision of LI is very solid, but the challenge has been in figuring out how to get from where we are now to where we want to be. I’ve brainstormed with many many people, and alone with myself. I’ve had intense brainstorming sessions where I wouldn’t let myself stop until I came up with something good, and I’ve had short impromptu sessions just because something inspires me. I’ve used many different mediums and software for brainstorming, from text to pictures to graphs. Using all of these different brainstorming strategies and making use of all the brainstorming opportunities has been very beneficial to the overall idea generation. I don’t know how applicable all of these strategies are to other people or organizations, but I find that the more organized I can keep everything, the better (and it was definitely time to organize all of LI’s funding/product brainstorming ideas).

Week 21 – time put into LI: 12 hours

I didn’t get a whole lot of time in this week, but I did get some very important work done that moves us closer to deciding on a first product. I deleted all the video games off my computer, so hopefully I’ll be more productive with my free time in this next week.