We can only benefit ourselves and others by being alive. Time is a privilege only the living can make use of, and only with time comes opportunities and second chances. While other individuals and organizations will have interests and specializations in different areas, the only focus of Lifetimes Infinity is survival. Survival is more important for us than anything else, no exceptions, and we must remember this in moving forward with the organization. This is the domain Lifetimes Infinity must become masters of, and we must do our best here so that everyone else can continue doing what they do best.

Although existential risks and risks to individuals are categorized differently, it's possible to quantify all existential risks in terms of the individual (by making the assumption of everyone being rational actors). In this manner, we do not have to make any decisions pitting survival of the collective against survival of the individual. Our pledge is to constantly make individuals and societies more fit for survival, while maintaining, promoting, and improving the rights of the individual (because those things increase survival). All other efforts and aims of this organization stem from these survival philosophies.

Lifetimes Infinity aims to shift humanity's collective consciousness, cultures, and societies so that we may all deliberately design the future to be better than what could emerge from inaction, indecision, or lack of planning. Lifetimes Infinity's focus is on extending humanity's grasp of the mind, time, and space in order to help humanity understand what exactly we are, so as to better figure out where we want to go. The future will be built to better suit our needs as this human species separates further and further from the biological systems from which we have emerged. Eventually we will not be reliant on biological systems at all. Eventually we will no longer be part of Earth, either by choice or by necessity. Eventually we will leave this solar system (and most likely will never return). Change is inevitable. We must adapt or face extinction. The survivors will be the ones not afraid to change and grow.

Faced with change as conscious beings, and in the limited time we have here as humans, we have the choice to accept the status quo or to adapt and build a better reality. You must decide for yourself what kind of person you are and what things you value in moving forward; this is not a purely black and white matter, but one of endless possibilities. We cannot choose for you, and we wouldn't want to. Our aim is to help create a more open world that better enables collaboration so that we may all work together toward these common goals.

In helping to build toward new futures, keep in mind that as individuals, all we have ever known is what we have experienced in our particular minds and bodies. You did not choose to be born into this person. You did not choose to be born into this nation or this world. You did not choose to be born with these amazing but still limited thought processes in this particular universe. But you are here, and here is good. Here is most certainly not the best, but it does mean you are alive. It means that you are a human on this planet Earth. It means you have been given the opportunity to stand on the backs of all humanity past and reach further than anyone has ever reached before. It means that what you are is nothing less than amazing. It means you live in a time where we may no longer have to accept death as the harsh inevitability of a short life. The universe is vast. There is still so much knowledge to be obtained, so many questions to be asked and answered. All that Lifetimes Infinity wants to do is give people more time in this existence so we can all figure things out a little better. May we never stop looking for answers to push the boundaries of life.

The Lifetimes Infinity logo helps remind us what is most important.

The broken infinity sign symbolizes the indefinite, as opposed to the infinite. It means that indefinite survival (of life, of knowledge, of everything) is the most important objective for Lifetimes Infinity. It means to always be working toward indefinite life in both the little and big things we do. If we should lose the path or forget why we're here, this symbol will remind us what all our efforts are working toward.


These are the principles Lifetimes Infinity follows to ensure our philosophy is reflected in our actions.

  1. Death should be a choice, and it is of the utmost importance that we make this choice accessible to all.
  2. Mind and avatar design will be essential for maintaining and improving life for cognitive beings. The way we interpret and interact with reality will determine the entire structure of future societies.
  3. Mind uploading, mind design, and avatar technologies must be open and accessible. Individuals must have complete ownership, control, and the ability to adapt their own digital minds and avatar bodies.
  4. Security and privacy for the individual is essential in all mind and avatar technologies.
  5. Making technologies and tools available to the public promotes collaboration, feedback, and decentralized development.
  6. Transparency is vital in developing relationships with collaborators, communities, and other organizations.
  7. There are many advantages to developing mind and avatar technology as a commercial entity, but we must ensure the commercial goals stay in line with the indefinite life philosophy and milestones.
  8. Getting the public interested in the development and future of mind technologies is important to the growth of communities and organizations supporting and developing these technologies.
  9. The road to mind uploading is one that will take decades of research and development, so it is essential to cultivate interest in this domain by helping to make digital immortality an accessible topic and encouraging young people to take an interest in the sciences.

Social Enterprise

Lifetimes Infinity is a for-profit organization with the goal of leveraging commercial strategies to be able to maximize our contributions to humanity. We will achieve this through the following steps.