Support Lifetimes Infinity's Endeavors

We want to be straightforward with you, so here's the deal:

Pursuing indefinite life isn't a sustainable endeavor for Lifetimes Infinity yet. We currently rely on outside support from people who value our work. More support gives us more time and resources to make faster progress on Lifetimes Infinity's mission. We are very aware of the value of time as a resource, so you can be sure we will make the most of any time you afford us through your support.

While we try to engage with the community where it is beneficial for everyone, we do not provide rewards for donors, because we believe that all the content we provide should be equally available to everyone. In addition, heavily engaging with and managing a community would use up a lot of time that could otherwise be spent making progress toward our goals. Don't donate because you want to to be part of an exclusive club; donate because you believe in the Lifetimes Infinity mission, vision, philosophy, and team.

Support Options


We're thrilled to receive both one-time and recurring donations. Recurring donations help us out a lot by providing a consistent source of funding. For donations that aren't monetary (such as equipment, products, or services), send us an email on the contact page.

See the transparency page for more information on how we utilize donations.

Note: Lifetimes Infinity is a for-profit organization.

Contribute to the Wiki

Look through the Indefinite Life Handbook wiki wanted pages and content under construction. If you want to contribute to those areas, contact us to request a wiki account.

Join Us

We don't have a lot of resources for growth right now, but when we do, if you've expressed interest in joining the team, we'll be sure to reach out to you if it seems like we would be a good fit for one another.

Funding Milestones

Current recurring donations: $0 / month
One-time USD donations since 2014: $223.83
One-time Bitcoin donations since 2014: 0.105
Community Funded
Level 1
At $5,000/month, we can hire one Lifetimes Infinity team member full time.
Community Funded
Level 2
At $10,000/month, we can hire two Lifetimes Infinity team members full time.
Project Revenue
In the future, we plan to generate revenue by creating and selling products. The challenge in definite products is that they must be 100% in line with our roadmap, meaning they cannot detract from progression toward our long-term goals. Having funding coming in from products will help Lifetimes Infinity grow faster and take on larger projects.