We are an open-source open-community social enterprise dedicated to the pursuit of indefinite life.

Our priorities are concerning threats to the survival of humanity (existential risk) and threats to invividual survival. At this point, our primary focus is mind uploading (transferring of the consciousness into a digial medium).

Our forces are divided into two groups: the organization and the community.

The organization and community often work in collaboration with one another. The main difference is that the organization is actively running everything, while the community more participates. The people in the organization are going to be the people putting in a lot more time designing and managing things. Once the organization incorporates, we will continue to keep the think tank community going, and the people that are part of the organization will need to hired on as employees or moved to the community (until we have the resources to bring them back on).

This website is still in development. There are still features and content yet to be created, so hang tight while we get everything up to date and set up.