Lifetimes Infinity’s goal is to develop technologies that incrementally build toward mind uploading. We’re just a group of immensely passionate people dedicated to making mind uploading possible and sharing that technology with the world. Our ultimate goals reach beyond just mind uploading and into other opportunities for pursuing indefinite life.

Mind Uploading

“Mind Uploading is the process by which an entity’s personal identity is transferred to a different collection of matter. This definition is substrate-agnostic, meaning the transfer could even occur between two collections of matter that are the same substrate (i.e., biological to biological).
Anything that doesn’t change collections of matter or doesn’t transfer personal identity is not mind uploading. So simply making a copy doesn’t transfer the mind.” ~Roadmap Series – Part 5: Mind Uploading Procedures

Indefinite Life

“Indefinite life is the non-zero chance of surviving for any given indefinite period of time. For example, both biological immortality and digital immortality imply that death is still possible, just that it won’t be caused by aging. They refer to a state where indefinite life is sustainable (non-zero chance of survival). In the circumstances where indefinite life is used as a goal, it is being referring to as the maximization of survivability.
Indefinite life seems to be the second most common use of the word “immortality”, meaning that you live indefinitely but can still be killed. Indefinite life could simply be taken to mean that you can repair damage to your body faster than the damage builds up, whether you are in human form or some other substrate.” ~Roadmap Series – Part 2: Immortality

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