We are an open-source open-community social enterprise dedicated to the pursuit of indefinite life.

Our priorities are concerning threats to the survival of humanity (existential risk) and threats to invividual survival. At this point, our primary focus is mind uploading (transferring of the consciousness into a digial medium).

Our forces are divided into two groups: the organization and the community.

  • The organization is a team of people working at Lifetimes Infinity. We are on the front lines of development as Lifetimes Infinity grows into the world. At Lifetimes Infinity, we do our best to create a environments enabling the community to help move toward indefinite life.
  • The community is a think tank of people passionate about these topics willing to contribute their knowledge, skills, and spare time to help all humanity reach indefinite life sooner.


We are currently looking for cofounders and team members!

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