A metaphysical pursuit of indefinite survival

Indefinite Life: Strive toward futures with increased chances of life surviving indefinitely.
Indefinite Lifespans: Death should be an option, not an inevitability.
Pursuit of Knowledge: Hunt down truths in the void that compels us toward answers.

Crafting truths in a vast universe

In the endless expanse of here and now,
with a multitude of possibilities laid before us,
which paths will we take?
Which paths CAN we take?

There are no wrong directions in the pursuit of knowledge and truth,
but bound by time, we cannot learn everything.
Though, what if we could? What if we had more time? What would we do then?
And yet vastly more important is determining what to do with our time now.

Dredge truths with us out of the depths of existence.
Embark on a boundless metaphysical journey concerning the fate of life itself.
How long can we dance with time before our time runs out?
How long can we evade entropy's relentless march to claim us?

Is the challenge not enticing?
Are you not compelled by this infinite adversary?

What do we stand for?

Guardians of Life: Lifetimes Infinity exists as a force to help protect the existence of life and promote ways in which life can flourish in this universe.
Masters of Survival: We are unwaveringly determined to proactively pursue the mastery of indefinite survival.

What do we do?

Forging a Path Into the Far Future: We research, develop, and implement strategies for increasing the long-term survival of life in a universe that is indifferent to our ultimate outcome.

Emerging Technologies: Lifetimes Infinity builds systems and tools (and leverages existing technologies) to incrementally increase life's chances of survival.