Forging a path into the far future

Lifetimes Infinity exists to protect the existence of life. We develop and implement strategies for increasing the long-term survival of life in this inhospitable universe. We contribute to the mitigation of existential risk by researching, compiling, and creating public resources on digital life extension strategies. Our focused and actionable research spawns the development of technologies that align humanity to long-term survival strategies. Where possible, we develop technologies that can be meaningfully pursued with our available resources.

Lifetimes Infinity does what we are best at (building knowledge, systems, and tools for safeguarding life) so that others may push life forward in whatever pursuits they are best at. Our never ending goal is the pursuit of indefinite life (maximizing our chances of surviving indefinitely). Our near-future goal is to achieve indefinite lifespans in humans via mind uploading.

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Indefinite Lifespans

Death should be an option, not an inevitability. Individuals should be afforded more opportunities in life. Lifetimes Infinity wants to help extend those opportunities by extending the lifespans of humans. Individuals should have the opportunity to keep their mind alive indefinitely by transferring from their biological brain to a digital brain. In this process, people will be able to adopt robotic avatar bodies (human-like or otherwise) with enhanced senses and abilities for interacting with the world and for learning. Beyond affording us more opportunities by extending our lifespans, this will allow us to have richer opportunities in the time we each spend alive. This state of existence is sometimes referred to as digital immortality (a state where death is still possible, but won't be caused by biological aging).

Emerging technologies

Lifetimes Infinity is developing technologies that incrementally build toward mind uploading. We are immensely passionate about making mind uploading possible and sharing that technology with the world. Our ultimate goals reach beyond mind uploading into all aspects of indefinite life, but for now all our effort is focused onto mind uploading.

Mind Uploading

The process by which an entity's personal identity is transferred from one operating platform to another (e.g. from a biological operating platform to a digital operating platform). This definition is platform-agnostic and does not require the platforms to be different (meaning a biological to biological transfer would be considered mind uploading).

This is the definition of mind uploading as used by Lifetimes Infinity, meaning anything that doesn't transfer between operating platforms and anything that doesn't transfer personal identity is not mind uploading. So simply making a copy doesn't transfer the mind.

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