Lifetimes Infinity's vision for the near-future is to make mind uploading technology available on a global level. The pursuit of indefinite life (including mind uploading) is not a secret to guard, but rather, it is an endeavor that will best be achieved through open collaboration. Lifetimes Infinity is dedicated to building and maintaining relationships with like-minded individuals, groups, and organizations so that we may all reach our collective goals faster.

In the history of humanity, we have never had the technology to live indefinitely. However, at this point in time, we can envision a route for technological advancement that will enable our minds to exist beyond the death of our bodies, a world where death is a choice. Once mind uploading is achieved, we will work to improve quality of life by designing better minds and bodies in collaboration with communities and other organizations. Beyond mind uploading, we will continue the pursuit of indefinite life by working to ever increase the chances of survival for both individuals and the collective.

Although it is a long way off, we will inevitably need to leave Earth. Beyond that, we can only guess as to what questions and answers we may seek in this vast universe. Lifetimes Infinity's vision is far reaching and ambitious, but we have the drive and dedication needed to extending humanity's reach through mind, space, and time.

Our entire existence comes down to staying alive as long as possible by keeping both our bodies and minds fit. Everything we do as individuals and as a collective is (ultimately) to live longer and better. We invent and explore because we might find things that will make our lives easier or allow us to live longer. It is our belief that the following are the most impactful milestones for extending life through space and time.

Indefinite Life Milestones

1st Stage — Outliving the Body: Mastering the Mind (Mind Uploading / Digital Immortality). Freeing ourselves from our biological bodies through mind uploading will alleviate most of the causes of death (including senescence, starvation, dehydration, exposure to elements, drowning, etc). Becoming digital beings does not remove all potential ways of dying, but death should be far more manageable as digital beings than as a biological beings.

2nd Stage — Outliving Earth: Building Advanced Spaceships. Survival beyond Earth is important because right now, all of humanity exists on one 'spaceship'. As is evident from the dinosaurs, this is not a good way to ensure the survival of a given life form (or even the survival of all life as we know it). Looking billions of years into the future, we will eventually need to leave Earth forever as it becomes completely inhospitable. To leave Earth forever, we will require spaceships that house everything we will ever need.

3rd Stage — Outliving The Universe: Mastering All Of Science. As a space-faring civilization, we will continue to give ourselves the best chance of survival from moment to moment. We will do this by quantifying as many aspects of life as possible in order to identify risks and then mitigate those risks by incorporating appropriate heuristics into our systems. The other big project we will work toward as a space-faring civilization is outliving the seemingly inevitable death of our universe. The death of the universe is the only thing standing in the way of truly living indefinitely. Luckily, the death of the universe is a long time away, so we have a while to figure things out.