Time is a privilege only the living can make use of to actively shape reality. Time affords us opportunities and second chances to learn how to survive better. Indefinite survival of life is more important than anything else, no exceptions. This is the domain Lifetimes Infinity must continually strive to master.

Our entire existence boils down to increasing the fitness of our bodies and minds to survive and thrive in a universe indifferent to our survival. We explore, learn, and invent because we might find things that will make our lives easier or allow us to live longer. Life that is not learning and growing will not exist for as long as life that is.


We pursue a future where the indefinite perpetuation of life is more quantifiably possible.

We build toward a reality where death of the individual is an option, not an inevitability.

We share in a passion to empower all people to relentlessly pursue knowledge so we can all better contribute to life's endeavors in exploration and survival.

lifetimes infinity logo
Our broken infinity logo symbolizes the indefinite and serves to remind us of our vision.

Mission Statement

Time only flows forward, and change is inevitable. To survive these changes, we must deliberately design our future by charting paths forward through the space and time of our vast universe. We must subdue potential futures that would be driven by ignorance, indecision, and inaction.

Lifetimes Infinity cannot provide a final destination, as this is a never-ending journey. Instead, through research and development, we will help to identify, define, and enact strategies for indefinite survival.

To pursue problems in uncharted territories, we must not limit our imaginations to known solutions. Instead, we must build from first principles and forge new paths into the unknown.